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14 Ways To Be A Bad Girl Adored By Men

The elusive “lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets” is almost every guy’s dream girl, but it’s not always easy to walk the line between good girl and bad girl. You want to be someone he can take home to mom—not just someone he can take home. It’s usually pretty easy to maintain this balance at the beginning of the relationship, but once you get comfortable you might notice your bad girl side start to drift away.

Although it’s good to be a good girl overall, you can add some spice to your relationship by embracing your wild side every once in a while. Here are 15 tips for how to be a bad girl and keep him guessing.

1. Flirt Just because you’re already dating doesn’t mean you can’t still flirt with each other. But it can be difficult to get back into that mode where you’re still trying to figure each other out. If it makes it easier, you can turn your next date night into a game where you both show up to a bar separately and pretend to meet for the first time.

You can see if you…

10 Dirty Sex Games For More Intense, Passionate Sex

Once you and your guy get to know each other well, in and out of the bedroom, some of the excitement can fade and you may enter a bit of a rut.

Your sex life can become stale if you keep doing the same thing over and over, but you can spice things up easily, adding variety, anticipation, excitement and fun to your sex life using some really really fun and dirty sex games.

You don’t have to do something crazy every single night. Every once in a while is enough to keep things interesting.
1. Play with Hot and Cold Blindfold your man, and have him lay down on the bed. Go to the kitchen to prepare a drink of hot water mixed with honey and a glass of water filled with ice cubes. Bring both glasses into the bedroom, and place them on the nightstand.

Your guy is blindfolded because you want this to be a surprise. Play with his penis, and bring it into your mouth as you normally would when giving him a blow job.

But then stop.

Take a sip of the hot water and honey drink. Don’t swallow all of it…

Erotic Massage Techniques

The first thing that you will want to do when it comes to erotic massage is to create a sensual mood. The room should be warm and inviting with a pleasant aroma. You can achieve this through scented candles, scented massage oils and even incense depending on your tastes. The massage should start out in very relaxing manner with sex being on the back burner at first. As desire starts in the mind, the best way to create that is to first relax your mind and body with your special someone.
Sensual MusicPut on some of your favorite sensual music to create the mood. Have the volume at a moderate level as loud music can overwhelm the senses. You want the music to be in the background, not the main event. Massage ToolsHave your partner start by …

Know When She's Faking It!

Apparently, most women do it. Here's how to know when....

According to sex expert Tammy Nelson, M.D., 70–80% of women do fake orgasms (though how could anyone conduct an accurate study if the control group is composed of orgasm-faking liars?!). Anyway, apparently you have a right to be concerned. So many women fake it, says Nelson, “because they’re afraid or don’t know how to tell their partners what they need to achieve a real orgasm. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation for anywhere from seven to 45 minutes, and unless she gives you hints—sighs, moans, ‘Ooh, yes!’—you won’t know if you’re even in the ballpark.”

But there’s a way you may be able to tell if you’re close, Nelson says: “When a woman’s aroused, blood engorges her vulva, her vaginal lips swell, she lubricates, and when she orgasms her vagina pulsates.”

That being said, you could also look to her personality: Is she very accommodating in general? A people pleaser? Are her eyelashes real? If she fakes a lot, that …

Different Kissing Techniques

Make Noise In The Bedroom

Sound   waves   are   a   proven   and   very   powerful   healing   tools   these   days.   Modern   medicine now   uses   sound   waves   to   break   up   kidney   stones   and   gallstones.   We   all   know   that   when   a   singer hits   high   notes,   they   can   break   a   glass   by   using   their   voice,   but   how   does   that   happen?   When   a singer   vibrates   a   glass   with   their   voice,   they   have   matched   the   sound   frequency   of   the   glass.   As   the singer   increases   the   volume   of   their   sound,   the   resonance   becomes   too   great   for   the   forces   that hold   the   glass   together   and   it   shatters.   Sound   is   powerful.During   sexual   activity,   have   you   ever   found   yourself   wondering   what   your   partner   is feeling,   thinking   or   experiencing?   Most   of   us   do,   so   do   yourself   and   your   partner   a   favor   by learning   to   be   a   vocal   lover.   Give   your   pa…