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Strip Tease

If you have ever been dancing at a club you know that there is a high level of sexual excitement knowing that others are watching you dance. This heightened sense of sexual awareness often gives couples an arousing visual stimulation that adds to their attraction for one another. Yet, couples often forget to bring this into their bedrooms.

More and more couples are finding that it is easy and fun to do an erotic strip tease for their partner in the privacy of their own home. Take a moment to learn how to visually excite your lover and bring in a sense of your own sexual prowess.

Why Dance?

Dancing can be a liberating experience and very erotic when it taps into your sexuality. Imagine your partner coming home from a long day and finding the smile on their face when they see that you are going to entertain them with a sensual strip tease. This will increase the level of creativity and sexual fun to a very high level quickly.

Here are some tips on how to prepare to make your strip tease fun and enjoyable for both of you:

1. Plan what outfit you wish to wear and go through a practice run on how you will remove each part of the costume. Sometimes adding a few extra layers such as a robe or boa helps to elongate the teasing aspect for the dance. Have fun with your costume. You can use things like body glitter, special make up, temporary body jewelry and tattoos for an added surprise. You can also add some special eyelashes for a dramatic effect.

2. Choose what music you are going to play and have it ready to go when your lover is ready for your show. Decide how many songs you are going to do and what mood you want to create. You can start out slowly or fast and end with whatever mood you desire. You can also have other songs that will keep the mood going as you begin having more sexual playtime with one another.

3. Decide if you want to have lit candles, dim the lights or even use a black light to make things visually seductive.

4. Take time to visualize your dance and then practice it in a mirror. The more you are comfortable with the idea of doing this the easier it will be during the time of your live performance.

5. When dancing, it is quite erotic for your lover to watch you touch yourself by caressing yourself throughout the dance.

6. You can also whip your hair around if it is long and even if it isn't you can still glide it along their skin.

7. Make sensual eye contact. Nothing exudes sexual domination like a moment of making strong eye contact.

8. You may want to videotape it if you want a little keepsake for your lover. Just remember that videos and pictures can last a lifetime on if they are ever posted on the Internet.

9. Try to stretch before you dance as sometimes quick movements can cause a muscle spasm.

10. If you are using a stripper pole, make sure it is secure and can handle your weight and velocity as you spin around it. We provide a link to a site below that provides stripper poles that are durable and secure.

11. You can whisper in their ear before you begin to have a seat and not to speak as you have a special surprise for them.

12. Don't forget to touch them. You can run your hands through their hair, caress them and even give them a lap dance.

13. Move in levels of height from standing up to bending over and kneeling. Mixing up your positions makes the dance more visually stunning.

14. Use a chair, slide onto it backwards. Slide your hands up and down it to simulate sexual caressing and grind up against it.

15. Consider using pasties, body jewelry or temporary body tattoos on your breasts so that as you remove your top and bra there is something to surprise your lover. You can do the same for your pubic area and even shave your pubic hair in a special shape. See our pubic hair shaving kit.

16. Use the wall or a stripper's pole to slide up and down. Don't be afraid to lift you legs during your dance or at someone move onto the bed and do a seductive crawl.

17. If you want to first blindfold them to lead them to the strip tease location, make sure you have one ready to go.

18. You can also use restraints to tie them up rendering them helpless and completely submissive to your sexually dominant role. Integrating a whip, feather tickler and other props can also be a great way to add to the visual and tactile stimulation of the show.

19. In addition to traditional lingerie you can use an adult costume that has a theme such as a naughty nurse, schoolgirl or secretary. The options are really only limited to your imagination.

20. Use your hands, a feather teaser, whip or your clothing to touch your lover and move things around them for added fun.

21. Remember not to rush a strip tease. It is meant to delay gratification and provide a fun period of play before sexual activity and smile from time to time to let your lover know you too are having fun.

Here are some things you may want for your strip tease:

● Stripper Poles
● Stripper Shoes
● Adult Costumes
● Sexy Wigs
● Lingerie
● Sexy Clothing
● Sexy Accessories

Perform a Lap dance For Your Woman

You see girls wearing next to nothing at strip clubs, but what do men wear? At times, they start in a full blown theme, dressed as a cop, fireman, mailman, army guy, cowboy, or Zorro. Often the best shows are very realistic and the dancer wears a suit. If you haven't picked up your lasso, start with your handy suit. If you wear a suit to work, then this could be perfect; she'd remember this dance each time you left for work, possibly with a return of a dance for you when you return home! For most grinding those hips requires music that will guide you through your show.

For props, if you need them, you can use a blindfold at the start, and handcuffs or a simple tie, to keep her in place. I can honestly tell you that many women love been restrained. Feeling overpowered is a popular fantasy, and when combined with a sexy dance, which is must witness, will get her mind racing for more. If you decide to strip your partner down, have ice handy and run a hard cube along her body. Place a cube in your mouth, chill out and cool her off.

Performing a lap dance means enjoying your body with your partner. When you think of a lap dance, you think of women; through that thought out the window and realize now that you could be minutes away from making this day one to remember. Get close anyway you like, let her hear your breath and moans, and create some body friction. Gently with your arm, hand, foot, knee, or prop, tease your sole audience member and watch her response. Often the lightest of touches equals the greatest of urges. Take your time, and move anyway that feels right for you.

Perform a Lap dance For Your Man

Let's start with what to wear. No matter what time of day it is, choose something that makes you feel sexy. Keep in mind that you'll want him to like it too. Try little hot pants, bikini, sheer robe, cut off shorts, or even his clothes. If you wear a suit to work, then maybe that would be perfect; he'd remember this dance each time you left for work.
Getting into the groove requires music that will guide you through your show. Nerves may be on high, so with the help of sweet tunes, the thought of 'what to do next will' be within the song you hear. Or you can play anything that makes your body groove on auto pilot.

Having a glass of wine also helps; offer him a glass too. For props, if you need them, you can use a blindfold at the start, and handcuffs or a simple tie, to keep him in place. If you decide to strip him down too, try using ice and running it along his body. Place a cube in your mouth, chill out and cool him off.

Performing a lap dance means enjoying your body with your partner. Get close anyway you like, let him hear your breath and moans, and create some good friction. Don't sand him down to paper though. Often the lightest of touches equals the greatest of urges. Take your time, and move anyway that feels right for you.


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