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Sugar VS. Prostitution

Many   are   quick   to   label   the   Sugar   lifestyle   choice   as   prostitution,   but   there   are   many   differences between   this   lifestyle   and   the   oldest   profession.   High-end   or   not,   a   call   girl   is   not   an interchangeable   word   for   a   Sugar   Baby.   Here   are   four   reasons   why.

1.      A   Relationship   vs   A   Transaction
A   prostitute   and   a   client   have   a   transactional   relationship.   They   meet,   exchange   funds,   and participate   in   some   sort   of   physical   act   and   part   ways.   Typically,   this   is   a   one   time   occurrence.   A job.   There   is   no   relationship,   and   no   possibility   for   a   relationship.   And   that   is   the   key   difference really:   Relationship.
Sugar   Babies   and   Sugar   Daddies   have   on-going   relationships,   not   transactions.   More   often   than not,   a   Sugar   relationship   will   resemble   that   of   a   girlfriend-boyfriend   relationship.   There   are   real connections   and   real   possibilities   at   romance,   something   that   is   not   in   the   realm   of   possibility with   an   escort   or   prostitute.   Just   because   a   relationship   doesn’t   follow   the   traditional   rules   of courtship,   doesn’t   mean   it   isn’t   valid.   It   also   doesn’t   mean   it’s   illegal.

2.   Being   a   Sugar   Baby   vs   Being   a   Prostitute
Sugar   is   a   lifestyle   choice,   not   a   profession.   A   sugar   baby   is   a   woman   who   wants   to   date financially   secure   men   who   can   provide   her   with   the   lifestyle   she   desires.   She’s   selective   about who   she   dates;   a   prostitute   isn’t   picky   about   who   she   takes   on   as   a   client.   The   risks   involved with   prostitution   are   countless,   and   include   exposure   to   crime,   abuse,   sexually   transmitted diseases   and   theft   of   service.   Many   prostitutes   are   also   subject   to   physical   and   emotional abuse,   especially   when   involved   with   a   pimp.   And   in   Sugar,   sex   is   never   a   requirement,   only   an aspiration.

3.   Dating   a   Sugar   Baby   vs   Ordering   a   Prostitute
A   Sugar   Daddy   is   generous,   and   wants   to   see   their   partner   succeed.   When   two   people   are involved   in   a   mutually   beneficial   relationship,   they   respect   and   value   one   another’s   time.   Sugar relationships   can   turn   into   long   term   serious   relationships.
Prostitutes   are   paid   to   perform   a   service,   while   Sugar   Babies   sometimes   receive   funds   as   an added   benefit   of   dating   a   generous   man.   A   john   doesn’t   want   a   hooker   to   stick   around,   and   a Sugar   Daddy   doesn’t   want   his   Sugar   Baby   to   leave.   While   an   escort   might   have   a   sordid   sexual history,   a   Sugar   relationship   is   often   monogamous.

4.   Quality   vs   Quantity
Most   Sugar   Babies   aren’t   solely   involved   in   the   sugar   world.   Sugar   Babies   are   also   teachers, college   students,   actresses,   and   business   professionals.   They   seek   successful   mentors   that   can advance   their   career,   not   a   temporary   fix.   Sugar   Babies   can   be   present   in   the   lives   of   Sugar Daddies   because   they   have   long-term   professional   goals,   and   interesting   personalities   to   keep everyone   intrigued.
Prostitutes   on   the   other   hand,   use   their   trade   as   a   source   of   income   —   it’s   a   last   resort   for   many women   who   are   pressed   for   money.   They   aren’t   looking   for   mentors   or   anyone   with   a   specific level   of   expertise.
You   may   meet   hundreds   of   prostitutes   before   finding   anyone   to   fulfill   your   emotional   needs. Prostitutes   are   hired   to   role   play   for   the   evening   —   they’ll   be   whomever   you   want   them   to   be, but   they   won’t   necessarily   be   themselves.   She   treats   you   like   a   job,   not   like   a   man.


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