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The Single Most Powerful Sex Move

Sexual Tension

If you watch MTV, read any gossip magazine or hit any hot club on the weekend, you are going to notice one thing they all share in common:
Practically every other woman you see is dressed in something skimpy, sexy or revealing. And almost all of them are being overtly sexual to some degree.

Ask any honest guy what their gut reaction is to these girls and they will all tell you the same thing…

It’s hot! It’s sexy!

As a result, most think that the best way to be sexy and keep their man attracted is to dress hot and be overtly sexual.

Let me tell first hand that this is hot, but….

It’s not a good way to keep your man attracted.

Read that again.

It’s hot & sexy in the moment, but it’s not a good way to keep your man attracted in the long term.

While it’s certainly a great way for keeping your man turned on, it’s not so effective at keeping him thinking about you.

A better way at keeping your man attracted and hot for you as well as keeping him thinking of you is by:

Building Sexual Tension

Building sexual tension is literally 100x more effective than just ‘acting sexy’.

Now before giving you some tips on building sexual tension, keep in mind that dressing/acting sexy and building sexual tension aren’t mutually exclusive.

You just need to be able to differentiate between the 2.

Okay, so now you know that dressing sexy and building sexual tension are 2 different things.

What can I do to build sexual tension with my man?

I thought you’d never ask!

Before I give you some examples, here is a short warning that you must always heed:

Using sexual tension with your man is like using a strong spice when cooking. Only use it just a little bit to keep things interesting. Use it too much and it gets annoying. Fast.

Here are 3 ways you can build sexual tension with your man:

1. By Teasing Him

When you tease your man, you’re saying something slightly mean with a slight smile on your face. Your man should know that you are not entirely serious and that really you are just playing:

Try saying something like:

- "I obviously don’t spank you enough." Try it the next time he says something stupid.

- "Your mom would be proud of what she raised" (then jokingly roll your eyes). Try it the next time he spills his drink/make a small faux-pas.

- "You need to stop shopping with your mom." Try it when you see him wearing a new shirt/shoes/clothes (don’t forget to slyly smile after saying this).

- "You’re going to have to do a lot more than that to impress me." Try it when he tries to do something to impress you.

2. 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

You probably already know this one. A great way to build sexual tension is to take 2 steps forward with your man, then quickly take one step backwards.

Here are some examples:

a) The next time you meet your man in a public place, get up really close to him and whisper in his ear that you’d love to have him inside you right then & there.

Then maybe give him a quick kiss and quickly change the subject.

Anytime he tries to steer the conversation back to what you just said, change the subject again.

I can guarantee that for the whole conversation, your man will only be able to think about one thing! It will turn him on and infuriate him at the same time. Perfect for building sexual tension

b) When you are in a rush to go somewhere, start getting down & dirty with your man. Start giving him a hand job/blowjob/sex/foreplay. Then stop halfway and rush out the door.

Text him to apologize and tell him that you didn’t mean to. Let him know throughout the day that you plan to finish things off later…

3. Physically Tease Him

Physically teasing your man is probably the easiest way to build sexual tension.

But again, you must remember to use physical teasing sparingly to build sexual tension.

Here are some things you can do to physically tease him:
Skip him in a queue
‘Accidentally’ nudging him into someone else when you are queuing or just standing together.
Softly pinching him on his ass/side of stomach/back of arm when nobody else is looking. Then giving him a very fiendish smile afterwards.
Asking for his phone. Then when he asks for it, put it behind you back and tell him that he has to get it off you.

The whole idea of physically teasing your man is to make things fun and playful. Sort of like you are back in the schoolyard. It’s easy.

Just remember that it’s a spice, use it sparingly!


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