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Very Freaky Tips To Spice It Up

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Great Communication is Key The most important factor when it comes to having kinkier sex with your partner is understanding the importance of communication

Without proper communication, you’re not going to fully understand what your partner needs, and he will only be able to guess what you need and enjoy.

Great communication also means using a safe word if you are attempting anything potentially dangerous.
Some Things Will Feel “Meh,” And That’s OkThere are so many different kinky ideas, tips and games on this page, but not all of them will be enjoyable for you or your man.

And that’s perfectly fine!

The key is finding what works for you and expanding on it. If you…

Light Bondage: Powerplay & Enhancing Your Sex Life

I was thinking romance and candle light. While there were candles and music, there was also a blindfold, hand and leg restraints that he fit under the mattress, massage oil and a glass dildo and butt plug that could be used warm or cold depending on if you put it on ice or in hot water! These were all scary and daunting things — out of my usual routine. If he had told me, I probably would not have agreed to a few.

We have always had an open and fun sex life, and the introduction of some of these ideas have become favorites, leading me to recommend light bondage to others. Like us, you should also start out light. Practice bondage only with a partner you trust who knows you well enough to understand your limits.

Bondage itself pushes the limits and can open doors to a whole other side of your sexuality and activities you never thought you might enjoy. After our experience, I encourage all my girlfriends to try it!

Keep in mind though, there is a big difference between light bondage and…

The Only 7 Sex Questions To Ask Your Guy

Finding out each other’s sexual preferences and kinky sides is vital to having a fun, fulfilling and sexual relationship. Asking your man about his preferences and encouraging him to ask about yours are important for you both to be satisfied.

But it’s not always easy to bring the subject up. The conversation might seem forced and unnatural to you. However, some communication needs to happen if you want to have a great sexual relationship. You’ll ultimately want to talk about what feels good and what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t.

Tell your man that you want to talk about sex. If now isn’t a good time, set up a good time to talk when there will be no interruptions. This can be a positive and fun experience. You’ll get to learn more about each other and discover some new things to try. Having a great sex life involves putting yourself out there and taking some risks. The goal is to share your fantasies with one another, which leads to closeness and sexual pleasure.

Here are…

What Is BDSM And Why Is It So Damn Enjoyable?

With a major motion picture in the works and three books that have topped best-seller lists for weeks, 50 Shades of Grey has taken the world by storm. The book and its sequels by E.L. James has been credited for bringing BDSM into the mainstream, but what exactly is BDSM?

BDSM is an acronym for bondage & discipline, dominance & submission and submission & domination. It’s an umbrella term that covers a range of activities and roles, some of which include sex and others do not.

Although elements of BDSM have been practiced for hundreds of years, the modern culture evolved from the ‘leather’ movement. The leather scene originated with soldiers returning home to the United States after World War II. Consisting mostly of gay men and a few women, the leather movement grew in large American cities. Since then, interest in BDSM has spread around the country to people of every gender and sexual orientation.

The general idea behind BDSM is that two partners engage in roles where one …

What Is Bondage & How Can It Lead To Kinkier Sex?

The “B” in BDSM stands for bondage, an activity that thousands if not millions of people enjoy as part of their sex life and, sometimes, as part of their normal life. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, bondage might just be it, and it doesn’t have to be as scary as you might think.

What Is Bondage?  In short, bondage is a a type of erotic play where someone is restrained. Typically, one person, called the top, restrains the bottom. Although bondage and the closely-related BDSM might seem as though the bottom isn’t willing, consent is extremely important. The parties have agreed to play these roles, and the bottom has the power to halt or slow play as it happens.

Media often depicts women in the role of the bottom, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can dominate your partner, or the two of you can switch things up.

What makes bondage so enticing? For some people the appeal of power is obviously enticing, especially if they lack control in their everyday lives…

How To Give A Hand Job

Learning how to give a great hand job to your man is a valuable weapon to have in your sex toolbox. That’s why I’m giving you different hand job techniques below that will bring your man back-arching ecstasy and having him begging you for more.

Now, you may be wondering what the best hand job technique is.

The truth is there is no perfect, works-on-every-guy hand job technique.

The truth is different guys like different things. So if you think that one hand job tip will work every time on every guy, then you are mistaken.

Fortunately, this article will teach you enough different hand job ideas, techniques, and tips so you will always have something for your man to enjoy.

Before we get to my famous hand job techniques, we’re first going to cover a CRUCIAL aspect of hand jobs that is often overlooked.
1. Your Hands Of course, the most important part of learning how to give a good hand job is your hands. Rough, calloused hands aren’t going to make for a particularly satisfying hand job …