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Role Playing With Your Man In The Bedroom

Ever fantasized about having sex with a fireman, a cop or even a movie star?

Everybody has fantasies that range from the usual vanilla stuff like being with a guy you’re really attracted to all the way up to some really naughty and raunchy stuff.
The great thing is that it’s totally normal to fantasize and to get turned on by them.
But why just keep these fantasies in your head? 
Why not indulge them, explore them and enjoy them with your man?

I want to show you exactly how you can explore, experiment and enjoy your fantasies with your man without either of you feeling weird, awkward or guilty.
But how?
….It’s simple….
You need to try roleplaying.

Introducing Roleplaying To Your Man

So you probably already know what roleplaying is. It’s when you pretend to take on a role. It’s just like when you were a kid and pretended to be a ring master/mistress in a circus and your dog was the elephant that had to perform tricks for the audience (your mom & dad)
In this case, your roleplaying is obviously going to be a bit more…’adult’!
So the first thing you need to do is introduce the idea of roleplaying to your man. When introducing something new to your man, I always teach people to do it in a way that’s smooth and is hard for your man to object to

Telling your man directly that you want to try something is NOT something that I advise you to do. It certainly can work. But if it doesn’t then it’s unlikely that he’ll ever want to try it with you. In other words your man might completely shoot down your idea if it’s coming out of left field.
A better way to introduce the idea of roleplaying to your man is to do something really nice for him, that he really enjoys so he’s in a great mood. Then while he’s in a great mood, you should subtly introduce the idea to him in a really positive way.
Here’s an example..
Wait till the next time you and your man are going to be alone together in your house/apartment. Tell him that you’d like to do something special for him. Then slip into something sexy and make a quick, tasty snack for him, while he is watching TV or while he is on his computer.
Then afterwards, slowly strut over to him and give him a nice, slow, sensual blowjob.
After your man orgasms, cuddle up next to him and tell him how much you enjoyed doing that for him. Then tell him that sometimes it feels really sexy when you are his personal maid. Tell him that maybe one night you could dress up in a short & sexy maids outfit and serve him dinner.
He won’t object!
Next you can tell him other things that turn you on.
Just make sure to start off with the tame stuff first. Then build up to the more ‘out there’ fantasies you have.
You could tell him…
  • That you find it really hot when he’s dominant or in control.
  • That you would love HIM to cook for YOU sometime.
  • That you get really horny at the idea of having sex somewhere else like on a beach, in a 5 star hotel, on a yacht, etc.
  • That you think it could be really hot to order him around the bedroom and tell HIM how to please YOU.
  • That you would love the idea of him dressing up as your boss and you dressing up as his secretary.
  • That you’d like to try having a threesome with him (girl/girl/boy or boy/boy/girl).
  • That you think it would be hot to try some BDSM with him
  • And keep continuing as long you are comfortable.
In most cases, as you start sharing and opening up to your man (and he is in a great mood), he will start sharing his fantasies and kinks with you too!
But you may find that you do all the talking and that your man is fairly quiet throughout. If he is very quiet and you want him to share his fantasies with you, then just suggest some things to him and see how he reacts to them.
Once you know what his fantasies and kinks are, it’s time to start translating them to roleplaying….

Roleplaying Games With Your Man

Ok, so now that you are both learning about each others kinks, fantasies and fetishes, it’s time to start actually playing some role playing games with your man.
Jail Warden & Prisoner – In this roleplay, your man could be the jail warden. He get’s to decide what you can and can’t do. Maybe he doesn’t want you to go into a certain room. Or maybe he doesn’t want you do have a drink without his permission.
You can always be a ‘bad’ prisioner, which means the Jail Warden will have to punish you. But maybe you can do certain ‘things’ for him to gain privileges.
Cop & Criminal – The Cop & Criminal is quite similar to the Jail Warden & Prisoner. Your man could be the crooked cop who catches you doing something illegal. He could punish you, arrest you and tie you up…. Or you could do him a ‘favor’ so that you don’t get arrested.
The Boss & Secretary – In this role play your man could be the big, powerful boss and you are his sexy secretary, making sure that he is always happy, while making sure that you are always wearing something that he approves of.
Headmaster/Head Mistresss & Naughty School Girl/Boy – You are the sexy head mistress of a prestigious boarding school. But your man is the most disruptive pupil and you need to punish him. Should he get caned? If not, how else can he show you that he is sorry. Kiss your shoes? Perform oral sex on you?
Plumber/Carpenter/Electrican & Bored Housewife – You play the bored housewife. Your man is always out at work or socializing with his friends. He’s never around to take care of your wants and needs. But when you hire a carpenter to fix your kitchen cabinets, you find yourself irresistibly attracted to him…
Nurse & Sick Patient – Your man plays a wounded, sick man. You are a sultry sexy nurse that is willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to bring him back to full health. Maybe you need to ‘suck’ the life back into him. Or maybe just a massage will do?
Stripper & Client – You are a hot and exotic stripper with all the moves. Your man is a rich client that wants to see you strut your stuff and dance for him. And he’s willing to pay. You could decide to only do certain things unless he pays you more.
Escort & Client – This one is quite similar to the Stripper & Client. But instead of stripping you have to have sex with him for money. The fun thing about this is that you get to set the prices. Maybe a hand job is cheap, but a blowjob is more expensive?
Model & Photographer – You are a sexy model on a big photo shoot. Your man is a top fashion photographer who wants to capture your beauty and sultry sexiness. Things start off like any normal photo shoot until your man starts to suggest that you take off more and more clothes….and things progress from there.
These are just a few examples of roleplays that you can try with your man. But there are far, far more that you can try out with him that I haven’t mentioned here. You just need to use your imagination.
Don’t forget to reverse the roles for double the fun!
To really get in the mood for these games, try dressing up for the roles.
WARNING: Make sure to use a safe word when trying out these roleplaying games with your man in case one of you wants to stop.


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