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How to Have Sex Outside & Make It Incredible

If you’ve ever had sex outside, you probably remember the experience because it was adventurous, exciting and different from the same old bedroom sex. It’s kind of like eating at a restaurant versus eating at home. It’s just fun to get out and try something new, and having sex outside can provide that.

Being playful is an important part of having a good sexual relationship. Doing something, such as having outdoor sex, when you know you really shouldn’t be doing that, can make the experience more fun.
You don’t even have to do anything drastically different when having sex outside. Just changing the location to having sex outdoors makes all the difference, but you can make it into a game, too.
If you or your man feel a bit inhibited, set the mood, perhaps with a romantic picnic. Choose a place that you know offers some secluded spots, pack some food and some beer or wine to set the mood.

Warning: Don’t Break the Law

The thrill of knowing you’re doing something you’re really not supposed to be doing along with the fear of being caught makes outdoor sex more exciting. But understand the possible consequences of having sex outdoors first before having it.
Before you plan your next outdoor sexcapade, please heed this warning because it’s important: Public sex in the U.S. is a misdemeanor that carries a possible prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $1,000. This varies by state. You will probably be in violation of one or more crimes if you are caught having sex outdoors. This also varies from state to state.
The part of the law you would probably be violating in particular is exposure of private parts. Genitals and breasts are included here. If caught baring yours, you could be charged with indecent exposure.
Another charge in certain states is committing a lewd act in public. So, even if you manage to have sex covered up, you could still be charged with engaging in lewd behavior in public.
And if you are caught and charged with indecent exposure or committing a lewd act, other charges could be tacked on, depending on the state in which you live. For example, some states make adultery (when one or both of you are married to someone else) a crime. Some states say that sex between unmarried people is a crime.
The point is to be smart about your outside sex location. Choose a spot where no one is likely to see you. If no one sees you, you won’t be charged with a crime. For example, if you want car sex, park in a secluded spot at night versus a busy parking lot midday.
Oh, and oral sex and manual count as sex for these purposes, not just penetrative sex.

The Different Locations

Different locations can help set the mood, and different locations offer varying benefits. Try one, or try them all!
Deserted beach: What can be more romantic than having sex on a deserted beach? If it’s during the day, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your body as you listen to the soothing ocean waves crashing along the shoreline.
Pick a secluded spot in a cove somewhere for this one. Or wait until nighttime while taking a romantic moonlit stroll.
Plan your sex position as well. Missionary position with his naked butt in the air might alert someone of what you’re doing. But if you sit on top of him with a towel draped around you, no one should be the wiser.
The woods: If you and your honey share the love of the great outdoors and have fun camping in the woods, you naturally will want to have sex in your fave spot.
You can even make some good use from a tree: Lean against the trunk, facing him. Wrap one leg around his waist as he holds the tree for balance.
Be careful where you choose to have sex while out in the wilderness. You still want to remain discreet. If you choose to have sex in your tent at a campground with others around, although no one might see you, you can bet they can hear you, so nix the sound effects and save the dirty talk for later.
The top of a hill: After you and your man make that 5-mile hike, you might want to reward yourselves.
Wait until you reach the top of that hill, and then scope out a private place as opposed to having sex along the way. Just because the place on the trail seems deserted now, chances are that some jogger will come by from out of nowhere, or even worse, a park ranger. Awkward.
Under the stars: Find a place that allows you a good view of the stars, one away from all the bright lights of the city. The bed of a truck works well for this. Just the thought of being outside can be enough to get your heart racing.
The roof: Thanks to Hollywood, we know there aren’t many things better than a romantic, candlelit dinner on a rooftop. Once you’re in the mood, rooftop sex is a no brainer. Tip: Rooftop sex works best on a building with a flat roof.
The hood of your car: You might have had sex in the car before. Now you should try it on the car. Try doggie style sex. You lean over the hood of the car while he enters you from behind.
In the rain: Don’t let a little rain stop you. In fact, you might have an even better time during a spring or summer shower.
Any deserted area: No matter where you choose to have sex outside, you’ll have a different experience than you do inside at home. Your senses are awakened by the different smells, such as grass or sea air. Your skin also appreciates the fresh breeze. If the warm sun is heating your body, you naturally relax and want to enjoy some lazy lovemaking.

Come Prepared

You definitely need to be prepared to have outside sex. Sand in your vagina doesn’t exactly feel good. A giant towel or blanket is necessary for having sex on the beach.
The woods can land you in some poison ivy if you’re not careful. Study what it looks like (if you aren’t sure) before you go out so you can avoid it. Your tender parts will thank you. Hint: leaves of three signal poison ivy.
When you plan to have rooftop sex, be sure you bring a padded mat, like a yoga mat. Roofs often have gravel tops, after all.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Sex

Having sex outside should definitely be on your list of experiences to have, but it does come with its pros and cons.
  • You’ll have a hot and memorable experience with your guy. Kink in public won’t soon be forgotten!
  • It’s hot because you’re doing something naughty and might be caught.
  • When you and your man think about the outdoor rendezvous you had, it can lead to another exciting adventure.
  • It’s not as comfortable as on your bed.
  • You could wind up with a cramp in your leg, a bruise or even poison ivy.
  • You might be caught by people you know, which would definitely not be fun.
  • Condoms, lube, blankets or other essentials might not be on hand.
Sex outdoors might not be your favorite thing to do, but it can by worth trying at least once. It will evoke memories between you and your sweetie if nothing else.


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