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Face Off 69 Position

The Face Off sex position is a 69 position that most men will have never experienced, making it perfect for surprising your man when you feel that sex is starting to get a little bland.

To get into position for the Face Off, your man needs to sit down on either the floor or on the bed with his legs out straight and his body upright. You then need to stand in front of him, facing in the same direction so that your butt is in his face. Keep your feet outside his. Next, you need to bend right over to start giving your man a blowjob. Meanwhile, you will be exposing yourself so that it’s easy for your man to perform cunnilingus on you and eat you out.

What The Girl Does In The Face Off Position 

When in the Face Off position, you just have to focus on three things:
  1. Staying Comfortable
  2. Keeping Your Balance
  3. Giving Him A Wonderful Blowjob

1) Staying comfortable is actually pretty easy. If you keep your legs straight, then they will get sore quite fast. But if you bend your knees, you’ll find that you can stay in the Face Off position for much longer. Additionally, if you need to take a break, then feel free to stand up straight, while your man keeps pleasuring you. Also for some, it takes some time to get used to having your head upside down.

2) Keeping your balance is also relatively easy. Just put your hands on the floor and spread your legs quite wide like you might in a lap dance.

3) I explain in a lot of detail exactly how to give your man a great bj in the section all about blow jobs.

What The Guy Does In The Face Off Position 

Your man has a much easier job in the Face Off position. He has two things he needs to focus on:
  1. Helping You To Stay Balanced
  2. Giving You Great Cunnilingus

1) To help you keep balanced, your man just needs to gently put his hands around your legs or back and hold you in place.

2) Some men don’t pay enough attention to pleasing their girl while others do. If your man is not doing a good job, then there is a way to give him some help. Just start telling him what you like as he is doing it. Say things like, “That feels amazing” or “Right there” or “Don’t stop.” This positive reinforcement will let him know to keep doing the things you like. 

Things To Consider When Performing The Face Off Position 

  • If you find it difficult bending over, then position your feet behind your man’s back so that you don’t have to bend over as much.
  • You can also use the Face Off position exclusively for receiving oral sex from your man. This means you don’t have to lean over so much, or you can even stand completely upright during it.
  • Try giving him a handjob if this position doesn’t work so well for simultaneous oral.
  • Performing the Face Off in the reverse direction (by having your man stand and lean over while you sit down) doesn’t work so well. It makes it very difficult for him to perform cunnilingus on you. 


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