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What Is Bondage & How Can It Lead To Kinkier Sex?

The “B” in BDSM stands for bondage, an activity that thousands if not millions of people enjoy as part of their sex life and, sometimes, as part of their normal life. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, bondage might just be it, and it doesn’t have to be as scary as you might think.

What Is Bondage? In short, bondage is a a type of erotic play where someone is restrained. Typically, one person, called the top, restrains the bottom. Although bondage and the closely-related BDSM might seem as though the bottom isn’t willing, consent is extremely important. The parties have agreed to play these roles, and the bottom has the power to halt or slow play as it happens.

Media often depicts women in the role of the bottom, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can dominate your partner or the two of you can switch things up.

What makes bondage so enticing? For some people the appeal of power is obviously enticing, especially if they lack control in their everyday lives. …

Learn How To Be Submissive & Have Kinkier Sex

Whether your man wants to try his hand at being dominant in the bedroom or you find yourself turned on when you’re playing the role of a submissive, you might want to try relinquishing power in the bedroom. These feelings are normal for many people, and you may even want to play both roles at different times. However, it can feel awkward and even a bit silly if you don’t know what to do, so here’s your primer!

Power exchange is a two-way street, which means you’ll have to talk to your man about it if you’re interested. It’s best to talk to him about it well before the fact and not during the heat of the moment. Switching from regular sex to that which includes BDSM can be tricky or awkward in the moment. Discussing it beforehand also helps you to determine what you’re both comfortable doing and not doing.

If you’re unsure how your partner will react, approach the subject by explaining exactly what it is you wish to do – being tied up, spanking, flogging, blindfolds, orgasm control, ser…

BDSM for Beginners: What, Why and How

You’ve read about it or seen it on the big screen, but have you ever actually tried BDSM (short for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission and sadism and masochism)? This is one of those sexual activities that is so much fun, it’ll leave you wondering why you never tried before! BDSM isn’t for everyone, but it is something that many people are interested in. They’re just not sure where to start. Fear not, because I’ve got the best BDSM for beginners advice around. 

BDSM can seem a little intimidating to people, especially when you think of the most extreme activities, which could even include cutting the skin or branding. However, one of the awesome things about BDSM is how you can choose what works for you. Give something a try. If you don’t like it, don’t do it again. If you do like it, add it to your sexual routine. There are so many varieties of BDSM that there’s a good chance you’ll like at least one of those flavors, but it’s best to start with BDSM for beginners.


What Does Kinky Mean? Plus 25 Super Kinky Ideas!!!

If you ask someone “What does kinky mean?”, you’ll get a lot of different answers. To someone who is less sexually adventurous or experienced, what kinky means might be something that others consider tame.

For example, you might think anal sex is pretty kinky if you’ve only had vaginal sex in the past, or you might find it kinky to have sex with the lights on while wearing lingerie if you usually prefer the lights off.

Similarly, your definition of what’s kinky might change as you experience more facets in your sexuality. While you might think handcuffs are kinky now, this might change as soon as you experience light bondage. Then, you might think that a vacuum bed is kinky and chuckle at the way you used to think.

Not only does the idea of what kinky means vary between people and even the same person throughout their lifetime, but “kinky” may be positive or negative depending upon who’s speaking. A prudish person might describe someone who they think is having the wrong sorts of sex …

BDSM Subspace: The Good, The Dangers & Aftercare

BDSM promises to be a spanking good time, and I’ve recommended it as a way to keep your sex life interesting. But you should know what you’re getting into before you dive in head first. Subspace is one of the things you might encounter but don’t know anything about if you don’t do your research first. 

What Is Subspace? You don’t have to be in the BDSM scene long to hear the phrase ‘subspace,’ but what exactly does it mean? Subspace is a mindset that submissives may get into when in a scene. You’ll see why this happens sometimes and not others in just a few.

Subspace is often compared to runner’s high, a feeling of euphoria that runners and other athletes experience during an intense workout. A similar sense of euphoria may occur during subspace, but it’s not the only symptom. Symptoms include:
Loss of time Less sensation of pain Loss of coordination Inability to articulate Decreased mental clarity
Now, the symptoms of subspace might sound a little concerning. Is it safe? And why does …

In-Depth BDSM Checklist & Why You Need One

A checklist for BDSM activities? That sounds more like coursework than fun intercourse. However, hear us out! A BDSM checklist can be a practical way to communicate your desires and experience levels to your partner — and to learn theirs in turn. Of course, filling out a checklist for BDSM can also be fun and can introduce you to new activities to try!

Why a BDSM Checklist? A BDSM checklist can be a useful tool in your relationship. That’s exactly why we created this one that you can fill out with your partner.

Obviously, it helps you and a new partner get on the same page. You’ll know one another’s interests and experiences.

If you’re a BDSM beginner, the options available to you might be mind blowing, and a checklist is a great place to start so you aren’t too overwhelmed. 

But a BDSM checklist is also helpful for existing partners. It might unveil an interest or highlight an activity that you’re only doing for your partner. As interests and experiences change, you can update your BD…

8 Vital BDSM Rules To Keep It Safe, Sane & Crazy-Kinky

The more you learn about BDSM, the more you realize that it can be done safely. But if you lack knowledge, you could potentially hurt yourself or your partner. This is why you never want to rush into BDSM games without doing research and abiding by the following BDSM rules.

Why Do We Need Rules In the First Place? BDSM isn’t usually dangerous, but some activities can wreak havoc on your emotional or physical well-being. This is especially true if you’re not open and honest, both with your partner and yourself and if you rush into things without doing research or preparation.

Establishing BDSM rules minimizes these risks while providing the greatest opportunity for you to enjoy these activities.

BDSM Rules Below you’ll find a list of BDSM rules to adhere to. You don’t necessarily need to follow all these rules to the letter. If your play embodies these rules, you’re probably doing things correctly and safely.

1. Recognize the Risk BDSM is never entirely without risk, even though you can…