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5 Types of Female Orgasm

There are no two women who like the same things in bed. By default, that extends to the kind of orgasm they experience during a passionate encounter with a client. Some ladies have probably enjoyed only vaginal delights so far while others climax only when anal penetration is involved.

Don’t worry if you haven’t experienced intense pleasure during either of these situations. It’s perfectly normal because it varies from woman to woman. Before you read our post on all the different types of female orgasm out there, play with a sex toy or your fingers and see what gets you high. Then see if you find your preference on this list. Then talk with your date about it and get ready for a steamy night.
1. Multiple Some girls are blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms during a naughty encounter. How can you tell if you had multiple climaxes, you ask? Wait a bit after the first orgasm and you should experience another earth-shattering one without there being a break in between. You can …

The Complete BDSM Aftercare Guide: Learn How To Do It Right.

Before you run head-first into any BDSM scene, you need to know about aftercare. BDSM aftercare is an essential part of every scene that ensures no lasting harm; although it may be more minimal if a scene isn’t intense. Learn how aftercare helps mitigate the profound effects an intense scene can have on your body and mind.

Why BDSM Aftercare? A BDSM scene can be a powerful thing, even if you’ve done the activities in the scene a hundred times before and even if it doesn’t seem all that intense. Your body will have a physiological response to pushing your body, perhaps to its limits. The surge of adrenaline and endorphins lead your body to a temporary imbalance. The rush of these chemicals leaving your body, known as sub drop, can be just as disconcerting.

Cortisol, specifically, is your body’s response to stress. And while you might be a willing participant in these types of activities and even find them to reduce perceived stress, your body will react accordingly [1]. If you experien…

Sub Drop: Why It Happens, Considerations & The Cure to Sub Drop

An intense BDSM scene can leave you feeling a variety of things: giddy, orgasmic, capable, connected, exhausted, sore, cold, inspired, and even hungry. For a submissive who receives stimulation and pain, you can expect particular feelings. Those expectations extend after the scene, too, when you might experience sub drop.

Subspace To understand sub drop, you have to understand what happens right before: subspace. Subspace is a mindset that a submissive can get into during a scene. 

When you’re in subspace, you might feel disconnected from your body, unable to feel the full impact of pain. Some submissives describe a feeling of floating or flying like an out-of-body experience. Your thoughts may lack clarity, and you may even have difficulty speaking.

Subspace manifests differently for each person and can even be different for you at various times. You can learn more about subspace and the feelings that come with it below.

A Chemical Cocktail What causes subspace? You experience a mixtu…

7 Tricks to Get Your Boyfriend to Spank You in the Bedroom

So you want to be spanked. That’s great! But you may be wondering to yourself, “How do I get my boyfriend to spank me?” You can always leave a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey on your nightstand, but there’s no guarantee he’ll read it. No, there are much better methods for getting your boyfriend to accommodate your spanking needs. How to get my boyfriend to spank me is a common question, and we will provide the answers. 

If you are tired about just thinking about how to get my boyfriend to spank you, and want him to start doing it, here are some ways:

1. Ask Him Directly When you’re not having sex yet, like when you’re out to dinner, bring up the subject. Say to him, “I want you to spank me.” He’ll probably like the idea and might want to get home before the appetizers arrive.

Or you could wait and say, “Spank me,” while you are having sex. Maybe you can bite him or slap him on the butt. Then you can tell him that you deserve a spanking for doing that. 

2. Wear Some Personalized Panties You…

How To Get Rid Of Sexual Anxiety Once And For All

Don’t worry, sexual anxiety isn’t as bad as this picture may make it seem!
Getting rid of sexual anxiety is crucial if you want to enjoy your sex life to the fullest extent.
That’s actually what my blog is all about! Having the best sex possible (both for you and for your man).
If you are not feeling fully sexually confident with yourself and around your partner, then this article will help to alleviate some of that anxiety/stress you are feeling.  Overnight Change? Before reading on, you need to recognize that becoming sexually confident and reducing your sexual anxiety to zero takes time. It’s not an overnight process. Don’t believe any people who say it is.
Like Learning To Drive Think of it like learning to drive.
At first you are worried about your position on the road. Are you driving too fast or too slow? Are you checking your mirror enough? Are your hands on the right place on the steering wheel?
Once you get your license and are confident behind the wheel, you stop caring about …

9 Ultra-Intense Ways to Satisfy A Foot Fetish

One of the most common fetishes for a body part is that of the foot fetish – 47% of people who have a fetish for a particular body part even prefer feet [1]! 

What is a foot fetish? It’s simply a sexual preoccupation with feet that’s specifically known as a paraphilia [2, 3]. Someone with this type of fetish might like touching or kissing another person’s feet, or they might prefer to be on the receiving end. Viewing images of sexy feet and footwear might also be up your alley if you have a foot fetish.

Note that some people with a foot fetish like all feet while others prefer to see feet in particular shoes or states of dress. For example, some people only like feet in shoes or boots, while others prefer them in sandals or barefoot. Some foot fetishists prefer feet of a certain shape or toes that are long or short.

Some want them small and feminine with a perfect arch. There are foot fetishists who even prefer larger feet or manly feet. For some people, a foot that’s especially dirty …