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Step 3, Part 3: How To Make A Girl Orgasm

25 Crazy Techniques To Make Her Cum Hard

In this guide, you’re going to learn 25 different powerful techniques to make your girl orgasm intensely. While previous guides have…

Covered specific techniques in detail, like how to eat out her pussy, how to make her squirt and techniques for fingering her, on this page, you’re going to learn everything else, including…
  • Using sex toys like vibrators and dildos to make her orgasm.
  • What positions are most pleasurable to your girl.
  • Dominance, submission & rough sex.
And, as I said in all the previous guides if none of these techniques are working to give her an orgasm, it’s because you didn’t follow my advice on removing her Brakes on her sex drive so she can get turned on and amplifying the accelerators to her sex drive to make her crazy horny.

A Quick Anatomy Refresh

Before we dive, in you need to know and fully understand your girl’s sexual anatomy to make her climax. Below are two images with all the important parts labeled, but for a more in-depth overview, you should read the guide to her anatomy in the Pussy Eating Guide.
If you don’t have time, then check out the below images of her external anatomy aka her vulva, which includes her labia, clitoris, and vaginal entrance, and…

Her internal anatomy where you’ll see her G-spot and A-spot…

Now, let’s learn some techniques that will make your girl have the most powerful orgasms she’s ever experienced.

1. The Grind

According to a recent survey, only 18.4% of women come from vaginal penetration alone during sex [1]. Almost twice as many need clitoral stimulation (36.6%), and many women prefer clitoral stimulation to come [1]. Perhaps that’s why women only orgasm 65% of the time they have sex [2].
Obviously, you have to understand that the clitoris is a pivotal part of her sexuality [3] if you’re serious about learning how to make a woman come. With this in mind, here’s how to give her maximum clitoral stimulation during sex.

You’re going to be using a position called the Coital Alignment Technique, where you’ll be grinding right up against her clit during sex. So you won’t be thrusting in and out. Instead, you will remain as deep as possible inside her while maintaining pressure on her clit as you grind upwards and downwards on it.

The Kinsey report found that 37% of women who tried the Coital Alignment Technique experienced substantial increases in orgasmic ability [4]. So what are you waiting for?

Your position inside her will look very similar to the demonstration above, but at times your penis may be pointing directly downwards towards the bed.

Below is what the Coital Alignment Technique looks like:
Grinding up and down may get boring after a while, so try to mix it up, by grinding from side to side and in a circular motion too.

2. The Vulcan

This next technique is only possible in girl on top sex positions like Cowgirl or the Man Missionary. You will be starting off with your girl on top of you like in the illustration above. You will then lower your hand down the centerline of your stomach with your palm on your belly. When you reach your penis, spread your fingers apart so that he makes the Vulcan “V” sign like in the illustration above.
Your pinky and ring fingers will be on one side of your penis, while your index and middle fingers will be on the other side. As you press the Vulcan V down on your penis, your knuckles should come into almost direct contact with her clit, with your fingers pressing against her labia. As your fingers and knuckles are obviously quite hard, it can make for some intense grinding when she starts to press her bodyweight down on them.

For some women, your knuckles will be too hard for her, so you may need to adjust the position of your hand so that she’s grinding on another part of your hand and not directly on the knuckles.
This is a super easy way to give her an orgasm from clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

Keep in mind that sometimes you can actually apply too much pressure, so make sure to get feedback from her on what’s working.

Alternatively, you can hold a vibrator against her clitoris instead of using the Vulcan V to make her come faster.

3. Hitting Her G Spot During Sex

I’ve talked repeatedly about how you need to stimulate her G Spot when fingering her or when you’re trying to make her squirt. But, what about G Spot stimulation during sex!?

As you can probably already guess, it all comes down to the angle you penetrate her at. As you can see in the demonstration above, you shouldn’t necessarily be trying to penetrate her as deep as possible because the G-spot is only a couple inches inside the vagina. Similarly, you don’t have to have a super long penis to stimulate her G-spot; you can even do it with your fingers!

Instead, you should be focusing on staying a little shallower and rubbing your penis past her G Spot with each thrust.

Of course, if she needs more stimulation, then it’s just a simple case increasing the angle of penetration. I’ve provided a demonstration below of a very exaggerated angle, that is mostly likely impractical and may even feel painful to your partner. It’s simply to give you an idea of the different angles women need for proper stimulation of their G Spot.

The angle you use on your girl all comes down to which sex position you are using.
In the end, to find out what she prefers, you need to talk to her and get her feedback.

4. Sex Positions To Stimulate Her G Spot

Some positions work better than others to stimulate your girls G Spot, and I’ve already written about which positions work best, so my advice is to click the arrows below to discover the ones that you want to try.

You can adjust these positions for better G-spot stimulation and to increase her likelihood of having orgasms by placing a pillow beneath your or her hips.

Of course, if there is a position you enjoy, but don’t see it on the site, make sure to share it with everyone below in the comments section.

5. Her A-Spot

Some women need intense stimulation on their A Spot (this spot also has other names such as the Deep Spot, the anterior fornix erogenous zone or the AFE). This is on the anterior wall of her vagina just like her G Spot but is deeper. You can see its location above.

Stimulating her A-Spot requires using pretty much the same sex positions as for stimulating her G Spot, except you need to thrust deeper.

6. Faucets & Shower Heads

masturbations techniques from the bad girls bible
A killer technique to stimulate the outside of her vagina is to run water over it, either from a faucet or a shower head… although, in most cases, using a shower head will be much easier for both of you. Your girl might even use this technique to masturbate.

I definitely recommend that she learns to orgasm through masturbation first. It will be much easier for you to give her an orgasm that way.

All you need to do is take a shower together. Then while washing her, take the shower head and start directing the water over her body before focusing it on her vagina and clit.

It’s that simple.

If your showerhead has a pulse setting, then try switching that on before you use it on her. Beware that pulsation might not feel good for her, especially if you have strong water pressure.

As always, her feedback is important to finding out what works best for her.

7. Edging

Edging your girl is a fantastic way to make her orgasms more intense, but it requires both restraint from you and a bit of skill in understanding when she is close to orgasm.

What is edging? – Edging is the process of bringing your girl close to orgasm, but then reducing the stimulation before she can climax, so she doesn’t orgasm…yet. Then after a few moments, when she is slightly less aroused, you bring her all the way back to a point where she is about to climax, before again reducing your stimulation so that she doesn’t orgasm…yet.

Repeating this process two, three, four or more times before eventually continuing and allowing her to climax will make her eventual orgasm feel incredible and much more powerful than a regular orgasm. You can repeat this process as many times as you like (but you do need to eventually push her over the edge).

This can sound frustrating, but when done correctly it can lead her to having the most earth-shattering orgasms of her life.

You can edge your girl when you are eating her out, when you’re fingering her or even when you’re trying to make her squirt. Equally, she can try these exact same techniques on you.
Learn more about edging.

8. Vibrator On Her Clit

Using a vibrator on her clit is similar to rubbing her clit with the tip of your finger (as I explained here). Here are some things you can do with the vibrator on her clit…
  • You can push the tip of it into a particular side of her clit.
  • You can rub it over and back on her clit.
  • You can rub it in a circle around her clit slowly/rapidly.
Every woman has techniques that she prefers. Some simply want a vibrator held in place. My advice is to experiment with different techniques to find which ones she enjoys the most.

Clitoral Hood – I previously mentioned how some women have an overly sensitive clit. As a result, you may need to use her clitoral hood as a buffer.

So if your partner has an overly sensitive clit, instead of directly touching it with the vibrator, press it against her clitoral hood.

For especially sensitive women, you might have better luck using a vibrator when she’s still wearing underwear or even pants!

9. Maximum Coverage

Stimulating every part of the outside of her entire vagina is naturally going to make it easier for her to come. So if she has trouble getting off, then this technique should help to push her over the edge.
All you need to do is press the vibrator against her vagina like in the illustration above, with the tip pressed underneath her clit. This way, the vibrator will be in direct contact with her labia, U Spot & clit (however, it makes it harder to penetrate her with your penis or another toy). To be clear, you don’t actually need to penetrate her with the vibrator.

10. Use Her Vibrator For Better Sex

Vibrators aren’t just for foreplay. You should try using her vibrator during sex too, especially if your girl struggles to climax. You can be in control of the vibrator during sex, but it’s usually a better idea to give it to her, as she will know exactly what kind of stimulation she needs.
Using a vibrator with your girl during sex works best when she can easily reach her clit without your bodies being in the way. So positions like Doggy or Spooning or even Cowgirl (when she leans backward) are perfect. However, positions like Missionary or Coital Alignment Technique make it almost impossible to use a vibrator comfortably.

Bullet vibrators and smaller clitoral stimulators are ideal when you need something less obtrusive. You could even try a cock ring with an attached vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Some companies even make vibrators meant to be worn during sex. They stimulate her both internally and externally by wrapping around your pubic bone. This can make her come while your penis is inside her next to the toy.

The final thing I have to say about using a vibrator on your girl, whether during foreplay or sex is that you shouldn’t be afraid of it or resent the fact that there is also a vibrator at play. It doesn’t mean that you’re not enough for her. It’s just a new way that you can give her an orgasm. The toy will never provide emotional, human connection as you can.

11. Dildos, Dildos, Dildos

Dildos are exactly the same as your penis, right? And you can do the same things with them that your penis does, right?

Actually, no. On both counts.

There is both more and less you can do with a dildo, and I’ll explain why below. We’ll start with some very tame things you should try out with your girl and a dildo; then we’ll get to the fun stuff
The first thing to focus on is choosing a good one. Too large and it will be painful for your partner. Too small and she won’t feel anything.

Next is getting the “firmness” right. You can choose a glass or hard plastic dildo, which is fine, but some women may find this too rigid. Equally, you can buy a dildo that’s too soft which bends and flexes too much. There are a bunch of other things to figure out too. Realistic looking or novelty shaped? Smooth or textured?

As always, talking to your girl is the key here to figure out what’s best for both of you and what will make her come.

The Importance of Lube

Before we get any further, I’m going to talk about lube. Many people skip lube when using sex toys or even during having sex. You might think that you shouldn’t need to use it. If your girl is turned on by you, she’ll get wet. She might even be offended at the idea, but here’s the truth:

Lube makes sex feel better for everyone involved.

Penetration is easier.
You can go longer without discomfort, and so can she.
You can experiment with inserting larger toys. And lube can prevent microtears in her vagina that makes her susceptible to infections.
You might not realize that 30% of women experience pain with sex [5]. And when they talk about sex, women often allude to sex that doesn’t hurt, instead of simply talking about sex that feels good or leads to orgasm [6 p 81].
To be clear, wanting to use lube doesn’t mean she’s not turned on. A woman’s natural lubrication varies, and you can almost never have too much lube.
If she’s never wet, you might need to do more to turn her on.
Lube is definitely a must with anal sex or when using toys anally because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate at all.
Choosing lube will make your girl more comfortable, and that increases the odds you can give her an orgasm. So reach for that bottle when you’re grabbing a toy or a condom.

Now, let’s learn some ways to use a dildo to pleasure your partner…

12. G Spot Focus

Focusing it on her G Spot is the first thing that comes to most people when using a dildo on their partner. Doing this is a simple case of angling the dildo so that pressure is applied to her G Spot with each stroke as you are pushing it in and out. However, you might want a dildo with a curve or contoured head specifically for “G-spotting.”
The angle and pressure that works best will depend on your partner, so feedback is vital here. You’ll also need to experiment with fast or slow stroking, but in most cases, faster stroking will provide more stimulation. If you want to make her come but she needs intense G-spot stimulation, a hard glass or even metal dildo just might do the trick.
Don’t think that you need a harder erection just because she likes glass. She’ll still like your cock.

13. Slide In Towards Her A Spot

There is another way to pleasure her G Spot with the dildo that’s not just a simple case of “in & out.”

Reaching the A-spot might require a longer toy than your partner would normally use.
As you are thrusting in and out, you need to focus on dragging the top part of the dildo across her G Spot as I’ve demonstrated above by changing the angle of the dildo. This way it will feel more like you are “milking” her G Spot to make her climax.

A warning about the A-spot: because of its position further back in the vagina than the G-spot, the A-spot can lead to uncomfortable cervical stimulation. Remember that the vagina ends in a small neck, the cervix, that separates it from the uterus.

Many women dislike things coming into contact with their cervix, especially if the stimulation is rough/vigorous.  Be careful to avoid her cervix or use gentler motions when stimulating her A-spot.

14. Posterior Wall Fun

Alternatively, you can focus on the opposite side of her vagina to her G Spot. Again, you can perform the same motion of dragging the tip of the dildo across it with every thrust in and out.

15. ‘Juicing’

There is an entire category of dildos known as ‘juicers.’ They come with cranks, and you turn them around after they’re inserted. Most dildos will work with this motion as long as there isn’t a sharp angle that might be uncomfortable.

Before you do insert the dildo and start twisting it, it’s important that you are using a lot of lube to prevent excessive friction in the same spot. Equally important is making sure to start slowly if it’s her first time as well as getting feedback from her on what she enjoys (or doesn’t enjoy!).

Juicing is one of those techniques that some women love, but others don’t like it so much.
Psst, don’t forget to get her super horny before you penetrate her. It’ll help her enjoy things more so you can make her orgasm.

16. Filling Feeling

Thrusting, dragging and twisting the dildo inside her is all well and good, but it’s not always necessary. If you like, you can thrust it deeply and then just hold it in place. Once deep inside, you can pay attention to her clit or elsewhere on her body.

17. Anal Penetration With A Dildo

Of course, you can penetrate your partner anally with a dildo too. It can be the perfect way to warm her up for anal sex beforehand.
But, it doesn’t have to lead to anal sex, and you can do it for foreplay only.
Note: Make sure that your dildo has a flared base before inserting it. Otherwise, you risk losing it inside her!
Again, it’s important to use lube whenever you insert anything anally because the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina.
If you have a free hand, you can also finger her or rub her clit while using the dildo on her anally.

18. Butt Plugs & Dildos

If your partner wants to try double penetration with you, but you are not so keen on bringing another guy into the bedroom, then using a dildo or butt plug is the perfect compromise. There is a bunch of different combinations you can use for double penetration:
  • You penetrating her vaginally while using a dildo on her anally.
  • Vice versa. Having anal sex while you penetrate her vaginally with a dildo.
  • Regular vaginal sex while she is wearing a butt plug.
  • Two dildos. One in her ass (remember, it should be flared!), one in her vagina.
  • Two men. One in her ass, one in her vagina.
There are also toys that have multiple penetration points for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation (and some offer clitoral stimulation, too). Some curved vibrators can also be used for this.
Double penetration is a more advanced technique, so you may want to save this until after she is more comfortable with the previous techniques to give her an orgasm during intercourse.

Note: If you penetrate her anally, do not penetrate her vagina afterward. Doing so will bring fecal matter (poop) into her vagina which will cause an infection. Make sure to thoroughly clean yourself first.

19. Using Other Sex Toys

There are a lot more sex toys that you can be using besides dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators. There is a nearly endless supply of sex toys you can buy, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing on everything that is possible when it comes to sex toys.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are very similar to butt plugs but are more like a series of butt plugs that are strung together. You can insert them into your partner and then pull them out. This alone is enough for some women, but others prefer to have them pulled out as they reach orgasm.

Cock Rings

Cock rings come in many flavors. They are circular devices that fit around the base of your penis to keep it erect. However, some come with vibrating attachments for your partner’s pleasure. We advise that you use a cock ring that stretches to prevent it from getting stuck on your penis and damaging it.


Restraints can be a great way to dominate your partner and leave them powerless. Of course, the roles can be reversed too.

Paddles, Whips & Floggers

If you have a slight sadistic (or masochistic streak), then a little physical punishment will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. An open palm on your partner’s butt is fine, but there are plenty of implements you can use instead

Sex Furniture

If you are not getting the angles you want during sex, then you should think about using a sex wedge or piece of furniture that helps you hit the spot. Alternatively, a sex swing may be what you are looking for.

Other Sex Toys

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to sex toys, whether you want to experiment with strap-ons, ben wa balls, nipple clamps, prostate massagers, different types of lube, penis pumps, penis extenders, remote control vibrators, pocket pussies or even sex dolls. So if your partner is keen, you are in for a lot of fun!

20. Dominating her (& Submitting)

Note: First up, you should both talk to each other and agree on a safe word before getting involved in dom/sub play. I talk about this in the post that introduces the 8 vital rules for BDSM.
Every woman (& man) enjoys being either dominant or submissive, depending on the situation. If your girl gets off when being the submissive partner, then why wouldn’t you use this to your advantage? Here are a few ways you can be more dominant.
  • Be the initiator.
  • Tell her what to do in bed.
  • Use restraints.
  • You’ll get more ideas on in the guide on how to be dominant in the bedroom…although I actually wrote this guide for women, the same applies to men.
Of course, being the submissive may be your preference. In that case, the roles will be switched, and your partner will be the one telling you what to do. For more on this, check out the guide on how to be submissive…again, beware that I wrote this guide for women and that it still applies to guys.
Do keep in mind that dom/sub play occurs on a spectrum. It doesn’t need to be all whips and chains (many people like a little sensual domination over the hardcore stuff). Instead, it can be much more subtle where you are deciding what position to try next or what she should wear to bed.

21. Rough or Loving or Somewhere in Between?

Being rough or loving during sex is similar to being dominant or submissive in that it occurs on a spectrum.
And, if your girl likes when you bring out the ‘caveman’ attitude, then why not add that to your repertoire. A few ways to have rougher sex include:
  • Pinning her arms above her head.
  • Pulling her hair – You need to hold her hair lightly by her scalp, holding the ends of her hair doesn’t feel particularly great for her.
  • Lightly digging your nails into her shoulders, back, ass, hips and legs and gently scratching her.
  • Getting more vocal with your dirty talk.
By the way, rough sex is not about hurting your partner. Hell no! Instead, you need to focus on being passionate.
If rough sex isn’t your or your girl’s cup of tea, then you may both enjoy a more loving kind of sex. Here’s what I mean when I say “loving” sex.
  • Kissing her slowly and passionately.
  • Whispering in her ear, telling her how much she means to you.
  • Slowing right down and maintaining eye contact with her during sex.
  • Using a more intimate position like Spooning or Missionary.
If you see your partner responding well to rough sex or loving sex, then you may feel like having that type of sex every time you jump in bed.
My advice is to actually constantly switch up your styles so that you always keep things fresh.

22. Consistency – Boring But Vital

The whole point of this guide is to make your girl orgasm HARD. But, guys often trip up when they’ve almost reached the finish line and actually prevent her from climaxing intensely.
Well, when someone is about to orgasm, they will start to tense up breathe faster…
Both guys and girls do this.
The mistake many guys make at this stage is that they start to speed up or change their rhythm.
Don’t do this. She needs you to maintain your rhythm.
So continue doing more of the same.
I don’t care if you are fingering her, eating her out, using a sex toy on her or just having sex, if you want your girl to orgasm easily, then you need to maintain your rhythm as she is getting close to coming.
If you change the rhythm, it might make her unable to orgasm.
So, rhythm is important not just for making her come but to make her more easily.

23. More Sex Positions

My main advice when choosing sex positions is to be adventurous and try as many as you can…
Don’t get hung up if you don’t find some sex positions to be that pleasurable. Just move on to the ones you do find pleasurable.

24. What Does She Want?

The only person who knows exactly what your partner wants is…
Your partner!
As I mentioned at the start of the guide, these techniques are not rigid laws; they are guidelines, that you need to adapt to your own girl and relationship. The only way to find out which ones are working well is to talk to her and get her feedback on what she enjoys and what she doesn’t enjoy!
Talking about sex is hard, but there’s hope!
Many women might like a certain technique you use,
There’s always one woman who gets no pleasure from that very same technique.
Your past experiences may have trained you to do something that your wife or girlfriend doesn’t actually like. Unfortunately, many women grin and bear it because they’ve been taught to focus on your pleasure and not their own.

Now, you might think that you’re a good lover. You might not even be half bad, but studies show that nearly half of men think their partner has had an orgasm when they haven’t [7].
That’s insane!
If you’ve come this far, you’re ready to let go of your ego because you wanted to know how to make a woman orgasm.
This might mean not trying to give her an orgasm because, focusing on orgasm as the goal can be distressing for some women, especially if they struggle to climax. This distress can then make it harder for her to come [8].
Yes, you might feel more like a man if you give her an orgasm during intercourse [9], but you need to understand that you’re not less of one if you don’t.
So when she gives you advice or asks you to do something different: do it. Then bask in the glory of her orgasm, which you contributed to!
Perhaps most importantly, selfishly focusing on yourself, your ego and being a “manly man who makes his woman come” can actually be a turn off for a lot of women. This, ironically, can make her have less powerful orgasms and in some cases, prevent her from having an orgasm altogether.

25. Show Enthusiasm

One of the most important pieces of advice I give to women who want to please their men is to show enthusiasm. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to be in the moment and let her guy know she wants to be there. This advice applies to you, too, men!
Don’t just go down on her because you know it will make her come and you want to check it off of your “to do” list. She’ll be able to tell. And if she can tell, it might actually make it harder for her to orgasm.
Women are often self-conscious enough about the way their bodies look, smell and taste, what they like in bed, and how long it takes them to orgasm. There’s no need to add to that.
Show her NOT just that you’re begrudgingly willing to go down on her or use her favorite toy or do whatever it is that she wants to get off.
Do it gladly.
With Enthusiasm.
Because when you do those things, you’ll get to see her squirm and writhe, listen to her moan, and feel her contract because you’ve been able to pleasure like no man before and give her an orgasm she’ll never forget!


There are three activities that make it much easier to make her climax, and they’re called the “Golden Trio.”
Check out this video that explains how the female orgasm works.
If you want to learn more oral sex techniques to make her come, you can try the book She Comes First.
Katherine Feeney discusses how men have forgotten to have fun as they hyper-focus on giving their partners orgasms. Sex is about the journey, not just the destination.
Thrillist has an article by a sex therapist who has taught women how to come. Men can use some of the information in their quest to learn how to make a girl orgasm.

Now what?

Now you know how to make your partner have deeply intense orgasms, the kind of orgasms that may make her lose control and even become emotional afterwards. If you want to learn even more techniques to please her in bed, then my advice is to check out the guide on how to eat pussy like a champ, the guide on how to finger her and of course the in-depth tutorial on how to make her squirt.


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