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Best Sex Toys for Better Orgasms and Greater Intimacy!

Sex toys. If you’ve tried them, you might have discovered that they allow you to orgasm, even if you’ve never been able to before. Perhaps you’ve been able to have better sex with your man or negate difficulties due to erectile dysfunction or other issues that have been impeding your sex life.

If you’re single, a sex toy can give you orgasms that keep you happy and healthy. Couples can learn more about one another, become more connected and spice up their sex lives with the help of sex toys. 
Classic Vibrators These vibrators are intended for insertion. Unless there’s a flared base, you’ll want to only use them vaginally and not anally. Straighter shafts don’t necessarily stimulate the G-spot, but they can feel great anyway. 

Stronic Eins: Okay, so it’s not exactly a vibrator, but this unique toy has won over sexy women time and again. With the Stronic line, Fun Factory introduced a thrusting sensation thanks to an internal piston. It’s not a replacement for sex, but it’s definitely inte…

Don't Let Boredom kill Your Relationship

Everybody enjoys sex…
Well that’s not exactly true...
The truth is more like this: 99.999% of people enjoy sex.
In other words practically every man and woman on the planet enjoys sex.
Some enjoy the intimacy it creates. Some enjoy the excitement. Some enjoy the climax. But…
Most people enjoy a combination of these factors.
There is one problem though. This problem can seriously affect your sex life between you and your man.

This problem is boredom.

Boredom is created by excessive routine. In other words, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again with your man, you are both going to get bored, fast. This is really important to understand. In fact, just to be sure that you do understand it, here it is one more time.

Boredom Is Created By Excessive Routine

A great way to avoid this boredom is to try new sexual techniques and ideas with your man. It’s actually why I created this newsletter that I’ve been sending for the last while, to teach you a sampling of my most powerful and effecti…