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Don't Let Boredom kill Your Relationship

Everybody enjoys sex…
Well that’s not exactly true...
The truth is more like this: 99.999% of people enjoy sex.
In other words practically every man and woman on the planet enjoys sex.
Some enjoy the intimacy it creates. Some enjoy the excitement. Some enjoy the climax. But…
Most people enjoy a combination of these factors.
There is one problem though. This problem can seriously affect your sex life between you and your man.

This problem is boredom.

Boredom is created by excessive routine. In other words, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again with your man, you are both going to get bored, fast. This is really important to understand. In fact, just to be sure that you do understand it, here it is one more time.

Boredom Is Created By Excessive Routine

A great way to avoid this boredom is to try new sexual techniques and ideas with your man. It’s actually why I created this newsletter that I’ve been sending for the last while, to teach you a sampling of my most powerful and effective sex techniques to use on your man in the bedroom (and outside it too!).

While you may consider trying new sex positions or having sex on the sofa instead of the bedroom, it’s always a good idea to try some slightly more ‘out there’ ideas too. This is simply to keep things interesting.

If it turns out that neither of you like it, then it’s no problem, you don’t have to keep trying them. Instead, try something else.

The key thing is experimentation.

Here are 3 very fun things I want you to try out over the coming months with your man (I decided to list them in order of increasing naughtiness!)


Roleplaying with your man is a terrific technique to spice things up between the two of you. There are just so many different roles that you can take. This means that it’s difficult to ever run out of ideas.

- You can be dominant and can roleplay that you are in a position of authority (jail warden or head mistress, etc.) and are going to be mean to your man and punish him

- You can be submissive and can roleplay that you have done something wrong and need to be punished. So you could be a schoolgirl, a prisoner or even a misbehaving employee.

- You can roleplay that you have a specific job that you need to carry out. You could be a doctor or nurse, a policewoman or teacher, a secretary or high powered businesswoman, a lonely housewife or a shy nerd.

One of the wonderful things about roleplaying is that you can dress up in a sexy costume for your man so that you can really fulfill the fantasy. You can also get your man to dress up too!

Pro Tip: You may find it a little embarrassing or weird or awkward when trying this at first. If you do, then try having a glass or two of wine beforehand to put yourself at ease. Just make sure that you don’t get too drunk!

Tie Your Man Up (Or Let Him Tie You Up)

Tying your partner up to restrain him is a great way to take role-play further. If your man is comfortable roleplaying in the bedroom with you, then tying him up is taking it just one step further.

Now that he is tied up, you can do so much.
  • Try getting on top of him and tickling him
  • Slowly kiss him all over his body
  • Just have sex, with you on top
  • Go down on him
Many couples find this exchange of power extremely exhilarating and a major turn on.

Some Important Notes On Tying Him Up

1. Some men (not a lot, but some) really won’t like being tied up, so it’s a good idea to talk to your partner about it first, before you do it.

2. You can take tying up your man a little further by blindfolding him. Try it!

3. Make sure you only use material for your restraints that won’t cut off his circulation or injure him when tying him up.

4. Make sure to use a ‘safe word’ so that things never get out of control.

Sex Toys

This one is a so obvious, but so many never even consider it! Every couple needs to try using sex toys to spice up their sex life. At least once.

There a massive range to choose from that can satisfy you and your partner really thoroughly. Here are a few quick tips on some of the major categories of sex toys that you can use when having sex with your partner.
  • Vibrators: If you buy a vibrator, make sure to spend a little extra on one that allows you to control it’s speed/intensity, otherwise you may end up with one that is either too powerful or not powerful enough.
  • Restraints: Custom restraints can be used when tying your man up. There is a multitude of different restraints, made from different materials that you can use, from ankle restraints to wrist restraints to spreader bars to even straight jackets.
  • Anal Toys: These range from butt plugs to beads to prostrate massagers. Anal toys are an interesting group of toys that you can use in the bedroom. Some men and women love them, others hate them. You really just have to try them to find out what you and your partner like.
  • Whips & Canes: Using a whip or cane on your partner can range from some light spanking to full hardcore sadomasochism. The key here is again good communication and respect for each others boundaries to make sure things never get out of hand.

Maybe your partner wants to be lightly spanked while you want it a bit harder (or vice-versa)? The most important thing is that you communicate with your partner properly so that you can both fully please each other and not overstep each other’s boundaries.

So there you have it. This is just a quick introduction into the more ‘out there’ sexual techniques and ideas that you can use to thoroughly please your man in the bedroom. 


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