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NSA Relationships – Make It Work With ZERO Bad Emotions

No Strings Attached. For many who are currently single and ready to mingle, these three little words bring music to their ears and joy to their hearts (and to other anatomical regions a little further south).

Simply put, it means you have hit pay dirt — finding a mutual physical attraction with another person who wants the exact same things you want… the fun and convenience of having someone who enjoys steamy encounters between the sheets, but one who doesn’t wake up expecting the type of full-on courtship that comes with traditional dating territory.
The Basics of NSA RelationshipsDifferent than a one-night stand (more on one night stands here), wherein the fun is literally limited to one encounter, no strings attached relationship generally lasts for as long as the parties involved are willing.

To be clear, an nsa relationship is a relationship of sorts, albeit a limiting one that centers almost exclusively on nurturing the physical side of the relationship. Stated bluntly, it’s all a…

25 Rules to Keep Casual Dating Fun and Honest

For some people, the idea of a casual relationships seems like an oxymoron. After all, casual implies there’s nothing – or not much – to lose, and dating is the process through which we meet “The One.” If you’re the type of person who feels this way, you’re not alone. But there are other perspectives to consider, too.

For example, casual dating allows you to get to know more people and to have fun while enjoying the activity of dating without major commitment. You don’t have to disrupt your life if you go on a casual date, nor do you have to give up your independence. You can enjoy someone else’s company while still being career-driven. Dating casually can be quite fulfilling as you’ll see below.

Why Do People Like Dating Casually?Casual dating might not make sense to someone who is intent on finding their One True Love, but it’s often the right solution for a various reasons: You’re too busy for a full-time relationshipYou want more than casual sex but less than a relationshipYou’ve jus…

12 Pitfalls of Casual Sex + Why You Should Do It Anyway

I'm all about having the best sex you can and improving your life through that sex. So it should come as no surprise that I'm no stranger to the one-night stand. But I'm also familiar with the realities of casual sex, some of which may have stopped you from having casual sex in the past!
The good news is that a few precautions and a level head can make you a pro at casual sex. Just follow my advice below:
1. Someone Always Develops EmotionsIf you’ve got a regular casual sex partner or you’re having casual sex with a friend with benefits then it’s common for you to run into the issue that one of you develops feelings for the other. If that’s you, you might continue having casual sex in hopes the same happens to him. When you’re on the receiving end of that affection, you might feel a little resentment because your sex buddy didn’t follow through on his end of the “deal.”
But in the real world, it’s incredibly hard not to be physically intimate with someone without having feeli…