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10 Signs Your Man Is Emotionally Unavailable + 4 Fixes!

Everyone has their own dream of what makes an ideal man. Maybe it’s a man you can share everything with and a man that’s always there for you. However, sometimes you end up with an emotionally unavailable man, and that can make you feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Dealing with this sort of man and getting him to open up can be vital to having a fulfilling relationship. Be careful, however, that you aren’t trying to fix someone who simply can’t be fixed or that you’re looking at this man like as a project. If you’re giving 100 percent of yourself to this relationship, and he’s not giving nearly as much as you are, he’ll realize that you aren’t placing a high value on yourself. Once you’ve established that pattern, it becomes more difficult to get a guy motivated to give more of himself. The longer you’ve been accepting minimal commitment and involvement from him the harder it gets to change things.

What Does It Mean to Be Emotionally UnavailableBeing emotionally unavailable is also kno…

Vital Conditions For True & Deep Emotionally Intimacy

A healthy relationship requires both physical (sexual) intimacy as well as emotional intimacy. Some types of physical intimacy can feel emotionally intimate, but there’s no replacing the real thing. Emotional intimacy can lead to a strong, healthy, happy, romantic relationship that can last for many, many years. Emotional intimacy can be expressed verbally and in nonverbal ways.

Here are signs of emotional intimacy:
Talking to one anotherWorking on problemsBeing honestLaughing together 
Here is how to become more emotionally intimate:

1. Big Picture Thinking About Both Your Wants and Needs
Everybody has wants and needs in a relationship. We aren’t talking about expensive items. What we mean are the things that make you feel happy, secure, and comfortable in a relationship. You must first know what your wants and needs are before you can communicate them to your man. This is your job to do. Once you know what your wants and needs are, you need to be able to tell them to your man, and he n…

10 Ways To Understand Men

It might seem absurd to lump all men into one category and say that they all have the same reasoning behind their behavior. But when it comes to certain behaviors, men generally think alike.

Get ready for some generalizations…that are actually pretty spot on

Quick War.

Sure, there may be some slight variation, or there may even be a minority of men who flat-out disagree. But generally speaking, the following explanations will help you learn how to understand men in the most common scenarios where men and women often don’t see eye-to-eye.

And if you think I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments…

1. Playing and watching sportsSports can be a divisive force in many relationships, which is how it’s come to be a such a cliche of “things couples fight about.”

So what does it mean if he turns down a date night because a big game is on? Unless it’s your anniversary or some other extra special occasion, you have to begin by realizing that there will be nights when your man just wants to hang w…

How Attachment Styles Affect Your Relationships

Understanding your attachment style can help you better understand yourself, your dating habits and your relationship. Knowing which of the four attachment styles applies to you might be the key to unlocking oh-so-elusive happiness. Read on if you want to know what your attachment style says about you.

Attachment styles are part of the larger attachment theory, which was coined by British psychoanalyst John Bowlby. According to Bowlby, there are four attachment styles. This framework suggests that individuals develop methods of forming affection (attachment) based on their relationships with their caregivers or parents. More specifically, attachment theory suggests that a child’s attachment style reflects her parents. This is because interactions with our parents influence our self-esteem and confidence.

We bring the lessons learned, even if they’re subconscious into other relationships, especially adult romantic relationships. By studying attachment theory and learning of your own atta…

How to Read Body Language and Know What He’s Thinking!

Reading the body language of a guy can give you insight into what he’s really thinking. Has he been lying to you? Is he into you? Is he not into you?

Approximately 55 percent of communication is through body language, so learning to read body language can be a useful skill. Sometimes we instinctively pick up body language, and sometimes we just don’t know what some body language signals mean.

Before you come right out and ask your guy how he really feels, first learn to read body language. It’s easy to do, but first you need to know what to look for, which is the key to learning how to read body language effectively.

Once you understand body language, you can also use it to send the right signals to a man.

Here are some of the main types of body language that indicate what a man is thinking:
Legs CrossedCrossed legs mean he feels closed off from you. If you’re trying to get him to do something for you, wait until he uncrosses those legs. So when he has his legs crossed it’s not the ideal t…

How To Have A One Night Stand (Regret Free)

When you know how to have a one night stand the right way, you can be sure that you are in for a good time…but if you are not so sure about what you are doing, then it can potentially lead to…

Some crappy, boring sex filled with regret and hurt feelings.
This one night stand guide will help to steer you in the right direction so that you have a one night stand (ONS) the right way and have some incredible sex.

First, what is a one night stand or ONS? It’s a type of casual sex; although, the two aren’t always the same. Similarly, an ONS isn’t exactly the same as a booty call. One night typically means it’s one night and done. A booty call can occur multiple times and usually involves some sort of other relationship. 
This makes a booty call more like an no-strings-attached relationship or friends-with-benefits arrangement, which has its own rules. But many of these words are interchangeable with a hookup.

Why Have A One Night Stand In The First Place?The is literally a never-ending list of …