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14 Powerful Ways To Build Intense Sexual Chemistry

Imagine meeting the guy. The one who locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, who you can see wants you as badly as you want him. Imagine his touch setting your skin on fire, and the world melting away so there’s only you and him and nothing else exists. Incredible, right?
Sexual chemistry can make it happen!
What is Sexual Chemistry Anyway?Sexual chemistry is that sexual attraction you feel towards someone. It’s the key to passion, and it’s the key to a hot (and healthy!) relationship. Sometimes, sexual chemistry happens by accident. It just . . . happens.

Other times, you can control the level of passion your partner feels towards you. Here are several ways to increase your lover’s sexual attraction towards you and take things to the next level. 1. Share His Hobbies Just like women, men have the things they love that most women don’t care for. That’s an awesome thing — he needs an outlet just like you do. However, men can find it extremely hot when a woman takes interest in a hobby …

15 Flirting Tips To Make Him Obsessed With You

Maybe you’ve just noticed that hot guy across the room and want him to notice you too, or maybe you have been friends for a while and want to kick it up a notch. If you want to capture a guy’s attention, it’s time to use your flirting skills.

But flirting isn’t just for that hot, tension-filled “getting-to-know-you phase”; it’s also for when you are growing old and gray together, sitting in your rocking chairs after decades of marriage. Even after you have snagged your guy and are living out your happily ever after, never stop flirting. It’s a great way to keep the relationship fun and fresh.

Relationship issues often start when things get boring, so keep the thrill of the chase going, even if you’ve already caught Mr. Right.

And even if your flirting game is at a professional level, we could all use a few new moves. From basic to bold, try these flirting tips for girls and see which ones score for you.

Basic Flirting Tips For Women1. Mix it upWe all have our go-to flirting moves, but eve…