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The Ultimate Oral Master Class!!

My Blow Job Parties provide mouth and hands-on training along with tons of fun & lasting memories with friends.

Learn how to Blow His Mind! 

Book a BJ Party for your Bachelorette Party, Girls' Night Out, Birthday Party, or even Divorce Party! 

This is a one of a kind experience that is racy, tasteful, funny, and most importantly educational! I teach you and your girlfriends the best techniques to give a jaw dropping blowjob, and most importantly, how to complete a blowjob and how to do it quicker! No more jaw aches, ladies! A Blow Job Party is a workshop because we provide hands on training (on props!), but is also a party because we bring on the fun and laughs!

Have you heard of a Twister, for example, or how to slip a condom on without using your fingers? If all this is all new to you, here is your chance to learn. How will you group tackle this rather private workshop? A blowjob expert will demonstrate the deep-throat techniques first, then willing participants get a turn themselves. You’ll have great fun and some great laughs – you’ll never forget this hilarious workshop! Take part and show up your friends, or just observe and take notes – it’s up to you!

My Blowjob Workshop is a recipe for great fun… and slightly-embarrassed laughter in any case.  You'll start you off with a glass of prosecco to loosen you up for the class and you'll receive a deep-throat certificate at the end, to be framed on the wall of your boudoir.
30 minute Set Up
1.5 hour workshop
Welcoming glass of Bubbly
Blowjob Professional
Use of Materials
Dirty Mind Quiz
Completion Certificate
30 minute clean up
Duration: 2.5 hours
Minimum Group Size: 5
Starting time: Daily on request from 13:00

So this is how it works...

The cost is $40 per lovely lady that will be present during the workshop party. Everyone in the room is considered a participating guest and must be paid for ahead of time. We do not allow people to simply watch and not participate. We also do not bring extra supplies with us to parties, so we cannot add guests once we get there -- this is why final head count and payment is due 3 days prior to your party.

There is also a party minimum of $200. So let's say you only have a total of 4 girls that are interested in attending the workshop, you still would have to pay $200 for the group.

In order to reserve your date and time, we require a deposit; which is $200. This $200 will go towards your first 5 guests at your party. Once you have the final head count, you can pay the remaining balance for your final number of guest. Final payment and head count is due 48 hours prior to your party date. Once I receive your deposit, I will send an email within 24 hours giving you additional information, party details, and asking a few additional questions so I can prepare for your event. Please answers questions and return asap.

Workshops are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be sure to pay your deposit as soon as possible to reserve your session.



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