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Sex Tips For Men

How To Pleasure & Sexually Satisfy A Woman Completely

You’re going to learn exactly how to make your woman scream and shake with intense sexual pleasure and become the only man that can fulfill her deepest fantasies.

In this introduction, I’ll outline everything you need to know before showing you the exact step-by-step techniques you should be using on your girl to please her sexually.

Becoming the best lover that she has ever had is surprisingly easy IF you can put your ego aside and follow the “3 Steps”, that I explain below.

They are:

Step 1 – Learn How To Turn Her On By Removing The Brakes To Her Sex Drive – In Step 1 you’ll learn how to remove the obstacles that act as Brakes to her sex drive and getting turned on. Once you remove these Brakes, she will be shocked at how easily she gets aroused. Learn how to remove the Brakes to her getting turned on by reading Step 1.

Step 2 – Learn How To Make Her Crazy Horny By Amplifying The Accelerators To Her Sex Drive – Step 2 is all about making her aroused and horny by using the right kind of foreplay so she will beg you for sex and you can start to please her sexually. Important: Effective foreplay for women is very different than the foreplay that makes men horny. Learn how to amplify the Accelerators to her sex drive and make her crazy horny by reading Step 2.

Step 3 – The 73 Techniques That Will Make Her Scream & Cry With Pleasure – Step 3 comprises four separate guides. These are the essential skills you need to please a woman. You’ll learn how to eat her pussy, how to make her squirt, how to finger your girl for maximum pleasure and all my secret techniques to make her orgasm harder than ever before.

But before we dive in and you become a master who can please her in bed, there are a few quick things that can derail this otherwise simple process. Ignoring these warnings will lead to lousy results and a woman that isn’t sexually satisfied.

Here we go… 

Warning 1: Don’t Skip Step 1 & Step 2 
If you skip Step 1 or Step 2, you will fuck up. 
Trust me. 
Every guy just wants the physical techniques I teach in Step 3, but they are not willing to put in the (very easy) groundwork of Step 1 & Step 2 that will ultimately put your wife or girlfriend into a coma from cumming so hard. 

Warning 2: These Are Guidelines, Not Rigid Laws 
Everything I’m about to teach you is a guideline that you need to tailor to your relationship and girl. 
Some things will work great; others won’t… 
You need to figure out what works on each girl you are with while discarding everything else. 
If you approach sex with an open mind, can communicate with your partner about what’s effective and enjoyable, and adapt the advice to fit your relationship then you’re going to have women begging you for more because of your ability to please her in bed. 
If neither of you talks about your sex life, and think this guide is something that must be followed rigidly and without debate, then you will end up with a woman who avoids sex with you. 
Want to know how to make talking about sex easier? Check out our guide to communicating about sex effectively. 
The key to learning how to pleasure a woman is being flexible and tailoring these tips to each individual woman. 

Warning 3: Generalizations
I have made some generalizations throughout to make the guide easier to read, easier to remember and easier to use. 
Of course, human sexuality is a deeply complicated subject with tens of thousands of research papers having been written on the subject, so these generalizations will not cover every possibility, for every person, in every situation. 
I’ve used generalizations to make the guide as short and easy-to-use as possible. 
However, these generalizations are clearly offensive when taken to the extreme and applied to every last woman on earth. I’ll try to note these generalizations when I make them and presume you are smart enough to understand that they apply to a large percentage of women, but not all. Some of them won’t work to satisfy your girl, so you’ll need to pay attention to her specific needs and desires. 

Warning 4: Safety
If you’re not having safer sex, you’re an idiot. 
You’re putting your health and your partner’s in jeopardy and opening yourself up to the risk of pregnancy. You can minimize risk in a few ways, but you can never be completely safe (hence the phrase “safer” sex). 
Before you please a woman, you have to take safety precautions. One of the easiest ways to have safer sex is to use a condom to protect against pregnancy and several STIs. 
Now, you might not want to use a condom. Some guys think that sex with a condom doesn’t feel as good as without. But sex with a condom certainly feels better than no sex at all. There’s a secret to make it feel a little more natural: use lube. A dab of lube can exponentially improve your experiences when wearing a condom, and it may help prevent the condom from breaking. 
When choosing condoms and lube, you’ll see those that include spermicide. But the active ingredient used in spermicides — nonoxynol-9 — has been shown to increase the chance of transmitting an STI due to the damage it does to your tissues, so you may be better off skipping lube with a spermicide like nonoxynol-9. 
For a condom to be effective, you have to use it right. That means choosing one that fits well, is made of the right material, and is not expired. You must put it on correctly and replace it as advised on the package. 
Condoms don’t prevent against all STIs. Infections like HPV spread from skin-to-skin contact, so it’s virtually impossible to remove risk when you’re having penetrative sex. Oral sex can also transmit gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, herpes, and HPV. One way to minimize spreading infections during oral sex is to wear a condom or to use a dental dam — a square of plastic or latex — against a woman’s body when you perform oral on her. You can also cut open a condom to use it like a dental dam.

Now it’s time to learn how to make your girl have screaming orgasms… 

Introduction – Introduction and overview – you’re currently on this page
Step 3, Part 1How To Eat Pussy – This is the first part of Step, where I teach you the physical techniques to satisfy your girl.
Step 3, Part 2How to Make A Girl Squirt – This is the second part of Step 3.
Step 3, Part 3 – How To Make A Girl OrgasmThis is the third part of Step 3 that you need to know to please a woman.
Step 3, Part 4How To Finger A Girl  – This is the last part of Step 3.
Bonus 1How To Last Longer In Bed – First bonus guide where I break down the science to lasting longer.
Bonus 2How To Get Hard & Stay Hard – Second bonus guide where I look at the science of getting harder, longer-lasting erections.
Bonus 3 How To Get A Bigger Penis – Final bonus guide where I show you the science & research to getting a bigger penis. 

Now you’re ready for Step 1 – Turning Her On By Removing the Brakes To Her Sex Drive


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